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You Are Uniquely Chosen

How do you catch a unique rabbit? You ‘neek up on him.  [groan] There is no one else on this planet like you. Not your twin, not your doppelganger, not even your clone. No one. You were created completely and utterly unique. There’s no other son or daughter like you. There’s no other mom or […]Read more »

Everybody’s Welcome … Really?!

This Week's Word “Everybody’s welcome.” I think it’s every church’s mantra. But to be honest, making everybody feel welcome is a lot more difficult than putting it on a sign and calling it truth. In the extreme, if someone speaks Swedish and not English, they may not feel especially welcome in most of our local churches, […]Read more »

Thy WORD … a Lamp or a Sword?

The Bible: Lamp or Sword? If you were raised in the church, you may remember the old kiddy song The B*I*B*L*E (if not, you can listen to it here). The lyrics went “The B  I  B  L  E , yes that’s the book for me. I stand alone on the Word of God, the B  I  […]Read more »
O the Places We'll Go in 2018

O the Places We’ll Go

O the Places We'll Go I had to write my first check of the year today … which means I had to take extra care to write 2018 on the date line. They say old habits die hard, but every year we have to change at least one old habit, at least for those old […]Read more »

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