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Missing The Target

The Fine Art of Missing the Point

The Fine Art of Missing the Point The other day, I asked a business owner about the vision he had for his business. He looked at me like I was a green martian and then blurted out, “To make money.”  I’m afraid too many business owners, and wanna be business owners, have the same vision. I […]Read more »

Too Much Noise

Too Much Noise Who do you listen to? In a culture where you’ll experience between 1500–4000 advertisement impressions per day, there’s a fog of information floating around out there.  Then there’s all that hard news, entertainment news, and fake news, all of it written with spin to support one viewpoint or another (or one advertiser […]Read more »

Dreams to Career Reality

Dreams to Career: Reality Check! Back in 1987, Dr. Marsha Sinetar wrote the book Do What You Love, the Money Will Follow. It was an instant best seller … I mean, who doesn’t want to get paid for doing what they love? I’m not sure if the book was part of the entrepreneur boom, but it […]Read more »

The Reign of the Dream Killers

The Reign of the Dream Killers Everyone had a dream. No matter how cynical or jaded someone is today, there was a time in their lives when they believed anything was possible. You could be president. You could be a ballerina. You could be a pro basketball player. You’d be an astronaut, a doctor, a judge, […]Read more »

Pay Attention

Who's Paying Attention? Several weeks ago, a local coffee shop closed. No, scratch that, THE local coffee shop closed. I don’t know for sure why they closed because they always seemed to have a steady flow of customers drinking expensive coffee, sharing the WiFi, and having conversations. Besides the customers, though, I don’t think anyone […]Read more »
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