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What’s the First Easter Myth?

What's the First Easter Myth? Good church people sometimes get upset when they discover that there are whole lotta people in their neighborhoods who don’t seem to understand what Easter is all about. True story: An on-the-street interviewer from a church asked passersby on a city street: “What is Easter all about?” One young man […]Read more »

Faulty Projections, Leaky Results

Faulty Projections -or- Leaky Results? This week, one of our business-savvy members at Raytown Christian Church forwarded a biz article to me that I found insightful and helpful. I don’t use the word “profound” very often, but this particular article borders on that. The article by Michael Bucy and his team (link below) highlights the […]Read more »

The Rise of the Kill-Joys

The Rise of the Kill-Joys Something there is that doesn’t appreciate other people’s success.  Fact is, it’s hard to get too excited about someone else’s success. Ken gets a promotion.  We offer a hearty “Congratulations.” But our mind falls into the “Why him and not me?” kind of thinking. Sue wins the City-Wide 5K and the mayor […]Read more »

Overheard …

Overheard … It happened again. I was shopping at a local retail store and had stopped at an endcap to consider the display. Two employees were one aisle over stocking and fronting some shelves. Two employees that weren’t terribly happy about their work environment. “Bob scheduled me for another shift this weekend. I told that $()3*S%^ø […]Read more »

Finding Hope

Finding Hope You’ve seen the statistics. The suicide rate is up. Though we hear a lot about teenage and veteran suicide, it turns out that those most at risk are middle-aged white guys (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention). Perhaps even more worrisome, for every successful suicide, twenty-five others have tried. We live in a culture […]Read more »
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