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Biz Etiquette 101, Lesson 03

Biz Etiquette: Lesson 03 – 7 Steps to Introducing a Speaker I attend biz functions virtually every week. And virtually every week, I get to listen to a guest speaker. And that means that, virtually every week, I get to hear someone introduce a guest speaker. And over 90 percent of the time, the introducer […]Read more »


NIMBY: Not In My Back Yard I remember the signs in Eastern Oregon when the radioactive waste glassification plant was proposed. NIMBY!!! I remember the protests in Seattle when the Tent City for the Homeless moved to the Northwest Christian Church’s property. NIMBY!!! And I remember the lobbying and the city council meetings when the […]Read more »

Biz Etiquette 101, Lesson 02

Biz Etiquette, Lesson #2 It was awkward. We were at an early evening meet-n-greet with the Chamber and I’d been making the rounds greeting colleagues and friends. I took the time to introduce myself to one or two people I didn’t know and then sequestered myself off to one side to watch the crowd for […]Read more »

Women of Power

Women of Power? If you’re a Bible reader, it could get really confusing to figure out what the biblical role of a woman is. I’m sure you’ve heard it all: Women should be silent in church. Wives should submit to their husbands. Women aren’t allowed to teach men. Women can’t be church leaders.  And if […]Read more »

Whatever Happened to Civil Civics?

Whatever Happened to Civil Civics? Government. We can’t live with it – We can’t live without it. Governing has always been messy, I don’t care if you’re looking at ancient Mesopotamia or modern US. All government is ultimately about power: who has it, who wields it, why, and how. And wherever there is power, there […]Read more »

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