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If Suicide’s the Answer … What’s the Question?

If Suicide's the Answer, What's the Question? Just a couple weeks ago, the CDC revealed the latest statistics for the suicide rate in the US. Since 1999, the suicide rate in the US is up 30 percent. In Missouri, it’s up 36 percent. Almost no one can claim that they haven’t been somehow touched by […]Read more »

It’s a Guy Thing …

It's a Guy Thing … We live in a culture where masculinity is viewed with the utmost of suspicion. Lately, any male who is in a position of power is under a microscope and some presume men in leadership should be presumed guilty until proven otherwise.  And the truth be known, “men” as a species […]Read more »

Where Have All the Children Gone?

Where Have All the Children Gone? In Mark 10:13–16 we read the story of some children coming to Jesus and his confrontation of his disciples’ disdain. That’s when Jesus turned things upside down with his words, “Let the children come to me and don’t do anything to get in their way.” With his admonition, you’d […]Read more »

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