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Work that Matters – A Family Where You Belong – Faith that Transforms

You want more in life.

  • You want a strong and stable family;
  • You want a soul that balances peace and confidence;
  • You want a career that's lives at the intersection of meaningful and successful;

You want a full and abundant life!

The Raytown Christian Church, in cooperation with community leaders, created the Abundant Living Ministry to provide our neighbors the opportunity to experience success in every area of their lives.

We believe God has created every person to achieve a full, meaningful, successful life.
No Exceptions
Quarterly Seminars
Every quarter, we host a guest speaker who has achieved significant success in some aspect of their business/career life.
Monthly Leadership Workshops
Each month, a local leader joins us for a 90 minute group training on the topics you need … and you help to choose. How to read a P&L; online marketing; customer service; business planning; HR; staffing; and more.
Cohort Encouragement
Our cohorts are small groups of like-minded and like-interested men and women who get together to set business and life goals, troubleshoot current issues; and encourage each other to succeed in the game of business and the game of life. 
The Small Print
There is no small print. The Abundant Living Ministry is sponsored by the Raytown Christian Church and other community leaders, so we can provide these services for free. No small print. No bait and switch. No products or services to sell. Just you and business leaders, relationship coaches, and spiritual gurus all working together to help you experience your fullest potential as a person in every aspect of your life.

No Exceptions!

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