Unless you’ve got a working Crystal Ball, what will happen tomorrow is pretty much a mystery.

And yet some business leaders seem somehow to have near clairvoyance about what our next-wave clients, customers, and prospective members are willing to embrace.

What do they have that the rest of us don’t have?

Back in the day when I managed restaurants, I became a student of good customer service. Early on, I kept a keen eye on those servers who could actually make a good living on their tips.

And what I learned is that they all had something in common with each other: they anticipated their customer’s needs.

The servers didn’t ask if the beverage needed to be refilled.

They noticed when the cup was half-empty and instantly refilled it.

They didn’t ask if the table wanted to see the dessert tray.

They noticed when the meal was nearly done and brought it over.

They anticipated what their customers needed … because they paid attention to what was doing on all around them.

Those business leaders who seem clairvoyant spend a good bit of their time paying attention to their potential customers and clients. The more they know about them, the more time they spend with them, the more listening and watching and paying attention, the easier it becomes to anticipate what the next potential customer needs.

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