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Attention Placement Disorder

Count Your Assets

Take 3o seconds and mentally list your personal assets ... your available resources.

Go ahead ... I'll wait.

If you're like the small minority who actually took a few moments to think about your personal assets, you probably included things like:

  • Your bank balance
  • Your employees
  • Your "fixed" assets like your house, place of business, etc.
  • Your personality or leadership traits
  • And if you got really creative, you might have included "Time"

But I want to call your attention to, well, your attention.

I read a blog by Tim Kastelle on the Top Business Innovation Brief website that reminded me ... and now you ... that you and I get to choose where and how we invest our attention.

You can invest your attention being creative.

You can invest your attention on learning something.

You can invest your attention in someone else.

Or you can do like too many of us and invest your attention on "stuff" that will bear you no fruit.

Don't get me wrong, we all need to invest in something that helps us unwind and destress. But how much time you invest, and on what you choose to invest your decompression attention on, will make more difference tomorrow and on tomorrow's tomorrow than you'd probably like to admit.

Your attention is every bit as much of an asset as your bank account – and it's probably more important in the long run.

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