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Disillusionment and Kids

According to the CDC, every five days or so, a child under the age of 13 commits suicide in the US and suicide is the third highest cause of death of children ages ten to fourteen. We wring our hands and ask, “Why?” Although the issues are complex, one of the common contributing factors is […]Read more »
Cost-Benefit Ratio

Life Upgrade Cost-Benefit Ratio

Isaiah was a priest with cushy state-supported job. But he turned his back on prestige to become a prophet when God called. Saul was a silver-spoon spoiled Hebrew kid with a Harvard-level education and a lucrative position with the Pharisees. He literally had it all. But he turned his back on power, wealth, and status […]Read more »

Can You Be a Christian and Not Go to Church?

[featured-img] This week’s question is one of the most prevalent queries I’ve received. It’s been asked by avid golfers, fishermen (and women), and a number of others who weren’t really “into” attending church. “Can’t I be a Christian without going to church?” Once upon a time, I used to believe, “Yes indeed, you can be […]Read more »

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