Christmas Greetings

Christmas Wars

Over the past couple of years, there's been a lot of chatter about the acceptable words to use when wishing one-another blessings for the season. Wanting to avoid offense, many businesses opted for the "Happy Holidays" greeting rather than the traditional "Merry Christmas." So, of course, that offended any number of Christians who felt like the faith was being further marginalized by the culture. And so the Merry Christmas War has been making itself well-known across the media and especially on the social media outlets.

That's what North American Christianity needs right now ... to champion another war on culture that we can't possibly win. The influx of people with alternative faiths, the erosion of the church, and the rise of those who have turned their backs on all-things-religious pretty much requires biz-owners to step through the holidays very carefully these days, lest someone take offense, find an attorney, and litigate because their sensibilities were harmed.

That doesn't mean we can't redeem Christmas and return it to its former glory. But it won't be because we've rescued the phrase "Merry Christmas." Instead, Christmas will be "saved" when Christians embrace the spirit and practice of a Christ-centered Christmas.

Christmas will be saved when:

  • Christians remember to treat the Walmart greeters, the cashiers, the wait staff, the restaurant hosts, the taxi drivers, and the airline clerks, with respect, dignity, mercy, grace, and most of all kindness.
  • Christians remember the most important season's greetings are Please and Thank-You coupled with a genuine smile.
  • Christians reflect more love, joy, peace, PATIENCE, kindness, gentleness, goodness, and self-control than anyone else at the workplace, at home, while shopping, and at church.
  • Christians begin sharing their amazing stories of personal faith experiences with those who are empty and searching.
  • Christians stop taking offense at a changing culture and choose to find bridges to thoughtful conversations instead.

And so, Happy Holidays to one and all ... and a Merry Christmas too.

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