Disillusionment and Kids

According to the CDC, every five days or so, a child under the age of 13 commits suicide in the US and suicide is the third highest cause of death of children ages ten to fourteen.

We wring our hands and ask, “Why?”

Although the issues are complex, one of the common contributing factors is a child’s response to the reality that “Life Isn’t Fair.”

A bully gets away with it.

An A assignment gets a C.

A punishment doesn’t fit the misdeed.

Illness or accident or disease or death visits the very good.

An ideal world suddenly doesn’t play by the rules,, For some, that’s just too much and they shrink from the world, from their friends, from their family, and into social isolation.

But children aren’t the only ones who face disappointment and disillusionment.

This week, our Conversation will continue looking at the causes and our responses to one of our nation’s most pressing issues: If Suicide’s the Answer, What’s the Question.

See you Sunday

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