Everybody’s Welcome … Really?!

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“Everybody’s welcome.” I think it’s every church’s mantra.

But to be honest, making everybody feel welcome is a lot more difficult than putting it on a sign and calling it truth.

In the extreme, if someone speaks Swedish and not English, they may not feel especially welcome in most of our local churches, even if everyone is all smiles. And if the attending church membership is all over eighty and a twenty-something couple visits, again, they may not feel especially “at home.” I experienced the opposite scenario last week at a local church I attended. I was the oldest by at least twenty-five years, and though I’m sure I was “welcome,” the truth is I didn’t feel like I fit in, which translated means I didn’t really feel very welcome. It wasn’t their fault, it’s just how it was.

At Raytown Christian Church, every Sunday we pray the Lord’s Prayer and repeat “on earth as it is in heaven.” Jesus made it abundantly clear that citizenship in heaven was open to “whosoever will,” which means everybody. By all accounts, residents in heaven are welcomed into God’s presence and I believe they feel that welcome.

What would it take for the prayer “on earth as it is in heaven” to be a reality? This week, that’s what we’ll be wrestling with in the message: WORD of the Day: Welcome.

Missed the service? Listen to the Podcast.

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