Go Deep

Go Deeper

In 2018, I want to go deeper with my spiritual life. 

I suspect (and hope, for that matter), that I'm not alone in that desire. In fact, studies have shown that church members, by and large, are less than satisfied with the depth of their spiritual lives. 

On the other hand, there are many studies that show those who are active in church have happier and healthier lives. Somewhere, there seems to be a disconnect between active church membership and a satisfying spiritual life. 

Here are five things I'm going to do this year to go deeper with my spiritual life. Maybe you'll find something here to help you go deeper too.

  1. Invest in worship. It's one thing to attend a church service; it's something else again to experience worship, and over the years, I've discovered the difference is mostly inside of me. When I come ready to worship, I find myself worshipping. When I carry angst or stress, anger or frustration to worship, I rarely worship even though I'm in attendance. This year, I'm going to be more intentional in prepping my heart and my head for worship before I step into the worship center.
  2. Invest in wandering. It's really easy to study the Bible when I've got a reason to do so. Small group preparation, getting the Directions Discipleship Course finished, etc. But I find I hear more from God when I'm "wandering through the Word" than when I'm focused on preparations. This year, I'm going to take a few minutes every day to wander in the Word just because ... 
  3. Invest in prayer. A couple weeks ago, I mentioned in a sermon that I "project" the image of Jesus sitting with me in my apartment and in my car. For me, that makes it easier to remember that I'm always in the presence of God. But knowing Jesus is there and speaking to him are two different things. This year, I'm going get used to talking to Jesus one-on-one in regular conversations. 
  4. Invest in a mentor. Last year I took the Directions Discipleship Course. Participation in the course came with a one-on-one mentor. But I've completed that course and my mentor has moved on. I've long realized I need someone to help hold me accountable for my spiritual practices. So, I'll be investing some time with a mentor each week. 
  5. Invest in review. It's said that the average leader makes upwards of 35,000 decisions every day ... and every decision we make saps us of some of our daily creative energy. At the end of a day, I'm typically ready to crash and burn, but I do try to preview the upcoming day and make plans for what I want to accomplish. Too often, though, I don't review the day I just finished (except when I'm beating myself up for doing something dumb or dumberer). So, this year, I'm going to spend a few moment reviewing my day – in particular, reviewing how I did on my four other spiritual investments. 

I'm committed to going deeper in my spiritual life this year. I hope you'll join me. 

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