Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures

Guilt isn’t gender specific.

Everyone carries some … now and again

on and off

here and there.

But guys seem to metabolize guilt more readily than our counterparts.

We grab it,

digest it,

internalize it,

and then expend inordinate energy to repress it.

And where does said guilt come from? It’s that little three letter word … the S word that we’d rather gloss over.


That so-called “human construct” that society so desperately wants to define by its own behaviors.

It’s not a lie, it’s spin or fake news.

It’s not adultery, it’s a trouple.

It’s not sin if everyone’s doing it …

Or when everyone’s condoning it.

The problem is, society doesn’t get to define the S word and every guy knows it from experience. No matter how much we try to rationalize bad behavior, we know deep down inside when we’ve treated someone badly, when we’ve cheated ourselves or someone else, and/or when we entertain less-than-pure thinking or behaviors.

We just know … and we grab it, digest it, internalize it, and add it to that ball of guilty rage that sits right there in the pit of our stomachs … that one we try so hard to repress.

Sin becomes guilt.

Guilt becomes shame.

And shame too easily isolates us. We don’t want anyone to know, so we repress and rationalize and retreat from those who might find us out.

Is it any wonder that 77 percent of all suicides are men?

This week’s conversation, the last one in the series, exposes the reality of sin, guilt, shame, rage, and isolation … the core cause of so very many life-ending decisions.

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