It’s a Guy Thing …

It's a Guy Thing …

We live in a culture where masculinity is viewed with the utmost of suspicion. Lately, any male who is in a position of power is under a microscope and some presume men in leadership should be presumed guilty until proven otherwise. 

And the truth be known, “men” as a species probably deserve much of that scrutiny and suspicion. The Lord knows as a gender, we haven’t historically been exactly moral or ethical in our behavior. 

But that’s left us guys with a serious dilemma. Most of us aren’t sure what a “real man” looks like. Male Chauvinist Pigs lost their luster in the sixties. The Macho Man went out in the late seventies. And the Marlboro Man began to wind down in the eighties. And our public models of “real men” have either been fictional characters who say things like “Go ahead, Punk, make my day” or real characters that as often as not end up falling off their pedestal for one indiscretion or another. 

And it’s even worse for Christian guys … What does a “real” Christian man supposed to look like today?

That’s the Conversation we’ll be having this week when we look at What the Bible Says About Real Men. 

I hope you’ll join us!

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