Marriage Problems

Marriage Problems

Of all the commandments in the Bible, both old and new, there’s not one that says:

Thou Shalt Get Married

With the “be fruitful and multiply” commandments given to the first humans, one would have thought there’d be some commandment to have a wedding or a marriage.

But there’s not.

Adam and Eve were apparently “married,” because Eve is referred to as Adam’s wife, but any mention of a ceremony is missing. In fact, what we know about ancient marriages is about enough to fill a thimble – in other words, not much.

What we do know is that early on, marriages were arranged. That the woman was essentially paid for by her husband and/or his family. And that the man could divorce his wife for anything he felt was “indecent” (Deuteronomy 24:1–4).

Since the beginning of time, the practice of marriage has been fraught with problems. Who can marry who has been the most common issue. There have been prohibitions against marrying people outside of your own clan or tribe, outside of your own culture, outside of your own race, and the list is long enough that we hardly scratch the surface about those who give up and decide not to get married at all (which was allowed too, so long as the man was willing to pay for the woman’s “upkeep.” And let’s not forget the New Testament suggestions that it’s somehow better to not get married at all!

This week’s Conversation will take a look at marriage … and what Jesus actually taught about the practice. You never know – you might be surprised!

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