O the Places We’ll Go

O the Places We'll Go

O the Places We'll Go in 2018I had to write my first check of the year today … which means I had to take extra care to write 2018 on the date line. They say old habits die hard, but every year we have to change at least one old habit, at least for those old enough to still have a check book.

The change of the year also marks a change in the focus of the Raytown Christian Church. Over the past eighteen months we’ve worked hard at firming up our spiritual foundations. We called the focus Go Deep! And though we’ll never be finished going deeper in our spiritual lives, a healthy person and a healthy congregation eventually has to put some feet on that faith. 

And in 2018, that’s our focus. Putting feet on our faith at RCC. I’m calling that focus Go Wide! and I’ll be speaking about what that means and what that could look like on Sunday morning, January 7 at both 9:00 and 10:30. 

Missed worship? Here’s the sermon podcast.

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