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Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect

Practice Doesn't Make Perfect ...

You've heard the saying, "Practice Makes Perfect."

It sounds like great advice.

It sound true.

In fact, it almost sounds like a law, like the law of gravity.

But it's not true. 

I don't golf anymore. I was never really good at it, but when I first started out, a golf pro ran all sorts of tests and said I had a "perfect swing."

I figured if I had a perfect swing at the gate, I didn't need lessons. So I headed out to the golf course for the next couple of years and learned the truth. If you practice bad form, pretty soon that practice makes your bad form the norm.

I don't have a perfect swing anymore.

Practice doesn't make perfect.

Practice makes permanent.

Only perfect practice makes perfect.

When it comes to living a full, successful, and abundant life, the things we practice are the things that become permanent. Whether it's how we treat our colleagues or our customers; how we handle conflict or difficult conversations; or how balance our priorities with God, with our families, and our careers – how we practice makes all the difference.

Practice is critical – but be very careful about what you practice.

What are you practicing for perfect?

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