What Are the Boundaries?
May 19, 2019

What Are the Boundaries?

Passage: Genesis 2:4–9, 15–17

Life is boundaries. The life on earth part begins at conception and ends when we draw our last breath, hopefully many years later. But from first breath until last, life is about boundaries … living within them and testing their limits. It turns out we all want to know where the fences are, how far is far enough, how good is good enough, how much can I push and get away with. That question begins soon after a child discovers there’s something out there beyond themselves, something just out of reach of their tiny hands. In short order, however, they begin to learn that not everything they reach for is helpful, good, or desirable. They discover there are boundaries that are crossed at their own peril. And that’s the moment they begin asking, “What are the boundaries?”

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