The Power of One

According to my Google Music Play, I have about 3500 “favorite” songs. On reflection, I can’t imagine I get to hear most of them with any sort of consistency, but they’re all up there in the cloud just waiting for me to tune in.

But one of my “real” favorite songs is Three Dog Night’s One (Is the Loneliest Number). I guess I like it because of when it was a hit and what I was doing at the time (growing up). Over the years, though, I’ve come to realize that one is also the most powerful number – because you are One. And I am One.

In my humble opinion, God believes in the Power of One. He didn’t send the Trinity to earth, he sent his only son. One person. And he didn’t commission a team of lawyers, he commissioned Moses to bring the law. One. Throughout all history, we’ve seen great women and great men stand alone and to lead others to stand together. Every great movement, every great development, every great _____ was started by One.

One is the most powerful number because you are One. And I am One. And each of us has implanted within us the power of One called according to God’s purpose to accomplish great things that have been prepared in advance for us to do (Ephesians 2:10).

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