The Time is Now for Your Tomorrow

Investing Your Time

I knew a girl who wanted to be a doctor when she grew up. She nurtured that dream all the way through high school. She was bright. Driven. Nearly aced her SAT’s.

Just before she graduated, she was offered a job in the office of a construction firm. It paid better than her friends were getting and she decided to put off college for a year so she could save some money.

She was good at her job.

They gave her a promotion and a nice pay raise.

She decided to put off her college for another year.

Then she met a knight in shining armor. A strong, gentle, funny guy and they went out for the evening. Dates. Love. Engagement. Marriage. Children.

She still planned on becoming a doctor, but it would have to wait until the kids were in school.

Braces. Soccer. Gymnastics. Swimming. Her dream could wait until after they graduated.

But by then she was just over forty and the thought of twelve years of training seemed out of reach.

At sixty, she looked back on her life. It had been a good life so far. Great kids. Solid marriage. Nice home. But she knew she’d missed out on her life’s calling and it ate at her deep inside nearly every night.

Every decision we make has a powerful impact on our tomorrows.

This week begins a five-part series: Your Tomorrow Begins Today: Investing Your Time.

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