The Universal Cry for Help

The Desperation of Despair

Suicidal thoughts are very personal. No two people suffer the same pain, suffering, stress, disappointment, or fears … and no two people deal with these emotions in the same way.

On the other hand, almost every person who embraces suicide as their ultimate answer experiences one universal emotion.



Something in their life has overwhelmed them; a tsunami crashing down on them that crushes their spirit and breaks their heart. And all the pretty platitudes in the world won’t alleviate the anguish.

Life overwhelms all of us now and again, but most of us build a bridge and get over it. It may take time and it almost always takes friends, but most of us don’t take that final step.

In this week’s Conversation, we’ll explore why hopelessness drives some people to life-ending decisions … and what help we might be able to offer to those in deep despair.

See you Sunday!

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