Whatever Happened to Civil Civics?

Whatever Happened to Civil Civics?

Government. We can’t live with it – We can’t live without it.

Governing has always been messy, I don’t care if you’re looking at ancient Mesopotamia or modern US. All government is ultimately about power: who has it, who wields it, why, and how. And wherever there is power, there is abuse.

But in today’s society, abuse seems to come from both sides – from those in power and those without real power. With the advent of Social Media, suddenly everyone has a voice … and often it’s a very loud and vociferous voice. It seems that the days of “Say something nice or don’t say anything at all” have vanished from our collective memory. Civility and honor and respect have disappeared from our vocabularies – even by many “Christians.”

On the other hand, isn’t it interesting that, as abusive as the Roman occupation was against the early church, the scriptures and other early-church writings are virtually void of naysaying and antagonisms directed at  the emperors, the senators, the governors, or at the government at all?

Perhaps it’s because of what Jesus had to say about the government and because of the expectations he had for his followers and their response to the government and its abuse.

Kinda makes you wonder … what did Jesus really teach about government?

That’s this week’s Conversation. I hope you’ll join us!

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