Who Needs Another Friend?

Do You Need Another Friend?

It’s probably apocryphal, but once upon a time I was told that Mark Twain said, “A friend in need is a … pain in the neck.”

Of course, Twain was a cynic.

The truth is, though, as good as it is to have friends, maintaining a friendship can be so demanding …

Friends demand your time.

Friends demand your attention.

Friends demand an emotional investment.

Phew … I’m tired just thinking about it! Maybe this is one of the reasons people in our culture have 547 Facebook or Snapchat or Instagram “friends,” and almost no one they can call at 3 a.m. when life crashes in around them.

The Abundant Life was never meant to be lived alone. When Jesus promised it, he meant for that life to be shared, to be celebrated, to be lived in community.

It was meant to shared with friends.

This week’s conversation explores Living the Abundant Life By Being a Friend.

See you Sunday!

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