You Are Uniquely Chosen

How do you catch a unique rabbit?

You 'neek up on him. 


There is no one else on this planet like you. Not your twin, not your doppelganger, not even your clone. No one. You were created completely and utterly unique.

There's no other son or daughter like you.

There's no other mom or dad like you.

There's no other friend like you.

And no one else has the same life-purpose throughout all the epochs of divine history.

No pressure, but ...

  • Your family and friends are counting on you
  • Your employer and neighbors are counting on you
  • Even the guy in the car two lanes over is counting on you.

Your church is counting on you.

And God is counting on you.

Because you are unique.

No one else in all of history can be you and no one else in all of history can accomplish the purpose God has created you for. You've been chosen. You've been ordained by God to accomplish something no on else can do.

This week, the WORD of the Day is Ordained. You've been ordained by God. Created, chosen, equipped, and deployed for a purpose greater than you can imagine. You are essential to God's purpose.

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