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Holy Thursday: What was Jesus Up To?

Passover. The big day. The high point of the Jewish year. But there were big changes coming.Read more »

Holy Wednesday: What was Jesus Up To?

Wednesday of Holy Week is called the “Silent Day.” After the busy-ness of Tuesday and the late night party, perhaps Jesus needed a break. Or perhaps … well, that’s all speculation. Today’s video looks into what Jesus might have been doing on Holy Wednesday.Read more »

Holy Tuesday: What was Jesus Up To?

Tuesday of Holy Week is often called the Busy Day … obviously, Jesus was pretty busy. Literally, from sun up to after sun down, Jesus and his merry band of disciples went from one hot mess to the next. Below is a video that will walk you through this special day.Read more »

Holy Monday: What was Jesus Up To?

It’s holy week and inquiring minds often want to know what Jesus was up to during this special week. To answer those questions, I’ve put together a video that walks you through the events of each day. Stay tuned … I’ll post something here each day.Read more »

In Times Like These

In times like these, we need friends. But more than that, we need to be a friend. Members, friends, and associates of Raytown Christian Church have access to Right Now Media, sometimes called NetFlix for Christians. There are over 15,000 videos with Bible studies, topical studies, kid’s videos, and more that you have access to […]Read more »
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