The month of October is a bit of a mixed bag in our culture. The stores are filled with fall pumpkins and Halloween masks, but then there are the rows of Christmas decorations too. The juxtaposition of the two … the “holy” with the “unholy” makes for a perfect opportunity for the church to take a look at some topics we tend to overlook.


Not so very many years ago, our culture denigrated the whole supernatural stuff. Ghosts and angels, demons and witches were all just superstitions gone awry. But today’s culture has discovered that not everything can be explained away by science. They’ve seen too much evidence for the unexplained. Ghosts and demons aren’t just science fiction or fantasy. Witchcraft is mainstream. And every burg has a tarot reading shop. 

Funny, though, the Bible doesn’t say a lot about most of that stuff. There’s nothing at all about ghosts or things that go bump in the night. And the “magic” we read about in the Bible is pretty tame compared to what we see today. 

Over the next five weeks, our Conversations will look at several of these topics, starting with this week’s overview of all things magick (no, that’s not a misspelling!). I hope you join us … and bring someone with you. This promises to be an interesting few weeks. 

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