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First Job to Success

From First Job to Success Times have changed. Back when I was a kid, my parents began teaching me about “work” from early on, so when I got my first real job at twelve-years-old I had a pretty good grasp of what was expected, what was accepted, and what was not. Today’s children are raised […]Read more »


Unless you’ve got a working Crystal Ball, what will happen tomorrow is pretty much a mystery. And yet some business leaders seem somehow to have near clairvoyance about what our next-wave clients, customers, and prospective members are willing to embrace. What do they have that the rest of us don’t have? Back in the day […]Read more »

Faulty Projections, Leaky Results

Faulty Projections -or- Leaky Results? This week, one of our business-savvy members at Raytown Christian Church forwarded a biz article to me that I found insightful and helpful. I don’t use the word “profound” very often, but this particular article borders on that. The article by Michael Bucy and his team (link below) highlights the […]Read more »

Overheard …

Overheard … It happened again. I was shopping at a local retail store and had stopped at an endcap to consider the display. Two employees were one aisle over stocking and fronting some shelves. Two employees that weren’t terribly happy about their work environment. “Bob scheduled me for another shift this weekend. I told that $()3*S%^ø […]Read more »

Attention Placement Disorder

Count Your Assets Take 3o seconds and mentally list your personal assets … your available resources. Go ahead … I’ll wait. If you’re like the small minority who actually took a few moments to think about your personal assets, you probably included things like: Your bank balance Your employees Your “fixed” assets like your house, […]Read more »
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