Movember Members

Movember Members

It all started in Australia. A couple guys got together and decided to take on one of the most pervasive men’s health issues: Prostate Cancer – with November Mustaches. And Movember was born.

It’s said that if a man lives long enough, he will contract prostate cancer. Period. It’s not an option. It’s not NOT going to happen. Guys, if you live long enough prostate cancer will be a part of your life … or death. 

Every year, in the US, about 3 million guys are diagnosed with prostate cancer. And every 18 minutes, a guy dies from it … and that’s really sad because the cure rate for prostate cancer is 100%. If it’s caught early enough. 

That’s a BIG IF … 

Because we’re guys. We don’t like to go to the doctor. For anything, let alone to have a prostate exam. But it turns out, what you don’t know really can kill you. 

October is Women’s Health Month, also known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You know, pink ribbons, NFL support, and all the rest. It’s a really big deal (and should be!). In that vein, November has been set aside as Men’s Health Month or Prostate Cancer Awareness month. But we’re guys … we don’t do ribbons (although someone, somewhere decided blue ribbons would be a good thing … hmm). So the guys in Australia decided to do mustaches. And Movember was born.

In October, Raytown Christian Church’s own Peter Enna had prostate surgery to put an end to his prostate cancer (I have his permission to share this). Several other RCC have had to face, or are facing, their own battle with prostate cancer. 

Maybe someday, medical science will figure out how to put an end to prostate cancer (and all the rest of those C words as well). But for now, we CAN put an end too prostate cancer deaths by raising awareness and convincing guys 50 and older to get checked – EVERY year. 

One way to raise awareness is to participate in Movember. It’s simple. 

Grow a mustache … and talk about it when someone comments. (Or you can always use the “Do you notice anything different?” gambit.) I’ll be growing one … with the support and encouragement of my bride, who does not look fondly on my long-ago mustachio days!

And if you’re so inclined, you can make a donation to the Movember Foundation. I’ve set up a Movember Team and you can donate at

Together, we can put an end to prostate cancer deaths … but only if we (1) get the word out; and (2) get guys to endure an annual check-up. 

Schedule your exam today!

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BJ Taylor says:

After being reminded by Dr Bill of November’s Movember, I stopped shaving for the month. That gave me an opening to tell inquirors about prostate cancer. Thanks to all who work and battle in this field of concern, and MAY WE WIN!

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