NIMBY: Not In My Back Yard

I remember the signs in Eastern Oregon when the radioactive waste glassification plant was proposed.


I remember the protests in Seattle when the Tent City for the Homeless moved to the Northwest Christian Church’s property.


And I remember the lobbying and the city council meetings when the Assembly of God Church wanted to expand on its existing property.


A former parishioner of mine in the Atlanta area intentionally bought every house that was adjacent to his property so he could control who lived next door. “Only the best in my back yard.”

As a people, we can be pretty particular who we want as our neighbors. We’re concerned about property values, about noise, and obnoxious behaviors, and about our own biases.

At this week’s Conversation, we’ll be talking about what the Bible says about our neighbors – especially about who our neighbors are.

We’ll see you Sunday!

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