Not Another Hallmark Christmas

Have you caught any of the Hallmark Christmas movies? They’re joyful, hopeful, ultimately peaceful, and like every Hallmark movie, they’re filled with love. They’re also quite formulaic … Girl with successful career (and fiancé) comes home to help with some family crisis. She meets hometown boy. Family crisis explodes. Fiancé doesn’t understand and gives lousy advice. Hometown boy steps up to save the day. Girl ends up falling for hometown boy and reconnecting with family. They’re not all like that, but mostly with shades of variations – and romance is in the air of all of them. How unlike the story of the original Christmas Girl! In this Advent Conversation Series, we’ll get behind the scenes to see what the first Christmas story was really like from Mary’s perspective.

December 09 (9:00 & 10:30): Disgraced
December 16 (9:00 & 10:30): Disappointed
December 23 (10:30 only): Distressed
December 24 (7 p.m.): Disowned 

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