School of Abundant Living

The School of Abundant Life is an extension of the disciple making ministry of Raytown Christian Church. We offer both synchronous (live) and asynchronous (recorded lectures, online interactions) classes for adults.

The School of Abundant Life’s purpose is to provide non-clergy training on important discipleship topics such as increased biblical understanding and application, spiritual discipline instruction, basic theology, and related topics.

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Course Title: Directions Discipleship
Description: An introduction to Christianity and discipleship
Length: 18 weeks
Instructor: Variable – One-On-One mentoring
Synchronous: By agreement with your assigned mentor
Participant Expectations: Daily readings and workbook entries, memorization, weekly one-on-one meetings with mentor (face-to-face via online conferencing, in-person (social distance and masks required), or via phone (for those without adequate technology)
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Course Title: Introduction to the General Epistles
Description: In this class, we will look at seven shorter books near the end of the New Testament.  These books are usually called “general epistles”, because they were written not to specific congregations but to Christians in general throughout the Roman world in the 1st century.  We know them by the names of the authors– JAMES,  I & II PETER, I, II & III JOHN and JUDE.  
Length: 6 weeks
Instructor: Rev. Tim Meier
Synchronous: via Zoom (Meeting ID: 908 292 4926)
Wednesdays, 6:00 PM Central
Participant Expectations: attendance, pre-reading, discussion

Course Title: In Depth with the Book of Revelation
Description: A passage by passage study of the apocalyptic end-times letter to the seven churches and the visions the Apostle John was given. There will also be an emphasis on the cultural background to help us understand the context of this mysterious work.
Instructor: Dr. Bill Tenny-Brittian
Synchronous: via Zoom (Meeting ID: 528 314 0257)
Tuesdays, 5:30 PM Central
Participant Expectations: attendance, discussion

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