November 15, 2020

Fixing Your Focus

Passage: Genesis 5:21–27

When we’re young, time drags on. Christmas is too far away from Thanksgiving, let alone Halloween. The hope of our next birthday is soooo far away. Until it’s not. The older we get, the faster time flies. Halloween IS the Christmas season. Four weeks of Advent isn’t enough planning time for the holy-days, let alone time for decorating, family, shopping, and parties. It feels like one birthday runs into the next. Imagine what time felt like for someone who lives over a hundred years … over 120 … or, biblically, over 300 or 400 or more. Time for Methuselah must have felt like the ticking hand of a stopwatch. On the other hand, when we fix our focus on getting something specifically accomplished, time isn’t a fleeting commodity, but a constant companion. Time doesn’t exactly stand still, but it’s no longer the enemy because our focus is fixed on getting “it” done, whatever it might be. And so, you just gotta wonder: what did Methuselah focus on for all those years?

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