October 11, 2020

Get Over Your Addictions

Passage: 1 Kings 11:1–10

My doctor was a bit of a smart aleck … “I have a question for you. Do you know what the most addictive substance on earth is?” she asked. I guessed cocaine and meth, but she shook her head. “Not even close. The most addictive substance on earth is oxygen … just one breath and you’re hooked for life!” I smiled and I don’t remember if I pondered aloud that if that were the case, why there were no support groups for oxygen addicts. Funny – but no “Ha Ha” funny. The reality is, addictions aren’t funny. They get under our skin, they seep into our bones, and they enslave our souls. In fact, they’re so embedded in our DNA that too often it seems like we can never be free from their grasp. The question we really need answered is, how can we be delivered from their power?

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