October 4, 2020

Get Over Your Anger

Passage: Genesis 4:2–7

It’s a natural response to a negative emotional stimuli. It’s one of the most common emotions across humanity, and yet when it’s actively expressed it’s generally frowned upon by pretty much all of humanity. It’s not the root of all evil, but it’s at least the root cause for much of it … probably most of it. What is it? Anger. Whether you express it proudly and loudly, or hide it behind snide comments and refusing to cooperate, those watching you express your anger from the slow burn to the fist through the wall “Tsk Tsk” in their heads. And yet … every single one of us experiences it sometime almost every single day, at least in some measure. Since we all experience it, you just gotta wonder: How can we turn anger into some sort of an asset?

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