February 16, 2020

Give Love, Get Love

Passage: 1 John 3:11–18

Bible Text: 1 John 3:11–18 | Preacher: Dr. Bill Tenny-Brittian | Series: True Love | Once upon a time, it was politically correct and culturally smart to be both a Christian and a Church Member. The US was considered a Christian nation and everyone knew that everyone went to church – and those who didn’t, knew they were supposed to! But that was back then. Today it’s kinda odd to claim to be a Christian and those few who go to church are beyond odd. They’re weird and in a huge minority. Churches and the church schedule no longer get preferential treatment. And almost all vestiges of Christianity have largely been banished from public life. It’s not quite persecution, but it’s creeping nearer all the time. Sometimes it feels a bit like You and Me Against the World.

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