March 10, 2019

Good, Better, Best: Becoming All God Created Me to Be – In All My Spare Time

Passage: Mark 13:32-37

Once upon a time, doing your best meant giving it all you had, going the extra mile, putting some elbow grease into it. Doing your best meant you were expected to invest a lot of effort into it. What happened? For all intents and purposes it seems like we live in a culture where “good enough” and mediocrity is the societal norm. But you know better, don’t you. When you’ve squeaked by rather than given it your all. When you look at the piece you wrote, the paint that’s drying, the conversation you’ve had, the job you’ve done and you know deep inside that you could have done better. This week we’ll have our first conversation about Good, Better, Best … how we can do better in all our spare time.

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