April 14, 2019

Good, Better, Best: Managing My Religion

Passage: Joshua 1:7–9

Religion, especially organized religion, gets a pretty bad rap. John Lennon tried to imagine a world where there was no religion and postulated that the world would be all the better because of it. And yet, with the downfall of religious beliefs and practices in our culture, we’ve seen an unprecedented uptick in social dis-ease. Depression is up. Suicide is up. Antipsychotic drug use is up. About the only thing that isn’t up is our spirits – even though study after study shows that those who attend weekly worship and other church activities such as small group participation are happier, less depressed, are healthier, and live longer. And they’re twice as likely to experience these benefits than those who attend worship only once-a-month. Which begs the question: how are you managing your religion?

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