June 9, 2019

In the Face of Circumstances

Passage: Genesis 17:1–5, 15–19

Bible Text: Genesis 17:1–5, 15–19 | Preacher: Dr. Bill Tenny-Brittian | Series: Invincible | What do you do when life gets in the way of your hopes, dreams, and progress? When you’re faced with overwhelming odds that are all stacked against you? When circumstances pile up and threaten to bowl you over? Where do you turn? One of the most perplexing things I hear from people who are facing long odds is “Well, we’ve done all we can. There’s nothing left to do but pray.” Why would you leave prayer to the last thing you do? Why is it not the first? Perhaps it’s because we don’t particularly trust God in the first place … but what if we did?

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