February 10, 2019

Necessary Connections: You Need Mentors

Passage: John 1:35–42

A model is someone you look to for inspiration – someone you want to be like in some way. But the truth is, a great model can only go so far in helping you achieve your best self. If you really want to reach the pinnacle of success in any area of your life, you’ll have to take it to the next level. You need a mentor. However, the art of getting a mentor has a two-fold problem. First, it can be difficult to find someone who’s willing to mentor you. But second, having a mentor means inviting them to tinker with your life, to ask uncomfortable questions, and to call you on your stuff. In fact, it’s easier to go through life without a mentor than it is to submit to someone’s tutelage. The only question is … are you happy with who you are now, or do you aspire to more?

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