December 9, 2018

Not Another Hallmark Christmas: Disgraced

Passage: Luke 1:26–38

Hallmark Christmas Movies live and die by a checklist. Snow? Check. Christmas baking? Got it. Present wrapping? Absolutely. Disgrace the main character? Absolutely not. And yet, the first Christmas was completely wrapped up with disgrace. Here was Mary, daughter of Joachim and Anne, an upright family in the little town of Nazareth, where everyone’s business what everyone’s business. The gossip was the teenage girl was out of control … she’d gone and got herself in the baby-way before she could tie the knot. She’d made a hot-mess of her life and everybody knew about it. Christmas disgrace … Mary may have been the first, but she wasn’t the last. This week we’ll take a look at disgrace and we’ll look at Christmas grace.

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