May 29, 2017

Say Yes! to Blessing Others

Passage: John 14:6, 11–14

We live in a society that seems bent on trying to emasculate every one of us. Virtually every commercial we see tells us we’re not good enough unless we eat the right cereal, take the right pills, drive the right car, or use the right toothpaste. Culture tells us we’re too fat or to out-of-shape. We’re not virile enough or strong enough or confident enough. In fact, everywhere you look, someone is trying to tell us we’re not enough … period. And if you’re not enough, it’s darned sure you don’t have much to offer anyone else. But what if society was all wrong? What if you’re more powerful than you could possibly imagine? This week, we’ll explore how to say Yes! to being enough so that you can be a blessing to others.

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