August 16, 2020

Saying Yes to Growing Up

Passage: Acts 4:23–31

Bible Text: Acts 4:23–31 | Preacher: Dr. Bill Tenny-Brittian | Series: Saying “Yes” in a “No Way” World | Peter Pan didn’t want to grow up. But let’s be honest, he was kind of a rarity. Most little ones can’t wait to be Big! “No one will boss me around when I’m Big” they’ve been known to say. Of course, those of us who are Big know that’s not a reality, but hope springs eternal. But the truth is, many “church members” don’t want to grow up either. There are those who are very happy with their childhood theology and beliefs. They know the “basic” stories of Christmas, Easter, and Noah’s Ark and have come to the conclusion that’s enough. So when Culture begins kicking and screaming about one thing or another, there are many “church members” who are unprepared to respond in a Christ-like manner … because they can only guess what Christ would do in those circumstances. Growing up is hard to do, but for today’s effective disciples, it’s a necessity.

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