September 6, 2020

What If Jesus Meant What He Said About the Lost

Passage: John 3:1–21

I see the bumper sticker regularly … my neighbor has it on her car. “All Who Wander Are Not Lost.” I know my neighbor and there’s a dual meaning in there for the whole world to see. The first is that wandering through life and wondering at the awesomeness of the world is a good thing. Sometimes not knowing where you’re going brings great peace. The other meaning is kind of a backhand slap at the church. Since the days Jesus walked the earth the term “lost” has been applied to those who were outside the faith. In recent years, even in the church, it’s been considered a pejorative term – especially since so many both within and without the church have decided that many paths, perhaps all paths, lead to God. But … what if Jesus really meant what he said about the “lost.” When if those who wander through the spiritual forest really are lost ...

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