March 7, 2021

Your Authentic Story

Passage: Matthew 9:27-34

Those who collect beach glass often become “archeologists” – seeking out any markings or clues as to the story of the original piece. It often takes a lot of time to discover the truth behind it. We all have our own story to tell, much like the beach glass. Most of the time that story is something like, “I’m fine, thanks for asking. How about you?” And most of the time, our response isn’t exactly an authentic story. In fact, sometimes it’s a bold-faced lie. But most of our stories aren’t about how we’re doing, but about who we are – or who we believe we are. Those stories come about because of what others have told us about ourselves and the stories we’ve told ourselves about ourselves. But are those stories the real stories? It’s in the telling of the stories with those who care for us, with those who love us, that the truth comes out – and with the truth, there is a healing that goes on, much like the ocean on the broken glass.

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