Your Relationships With Your Neighbors
January 19, 2020

Your Relationships With Your Neighbors

Passage: Acts 10:34–43

According to the Pew Research folks, only 31 percent of us know our neighbors. It’s somewhat better if you live in the country – 40 percent of those folks know their neighbors. We live in a fairly isolated society. The garage door goes up, we drive out, we go to work, we go through the drive through bank and dry cleaner and fast food lines, then the garage door goes up again and we’re cocooned, warm and safe. But it turns out, when we don’t have a relationship with our neighbors, we’re nowhere near as safe. Crime is more rampant in areas where neighbors don’t watch out for each other. If we have an accident in our homes and our neighbors don’t know us, we could literally be dead for days or weeks before anyone really notices. But perhaps most importantly, Christians have been commanded to reach out to our neighbors – no matter who they are or how different they are or how well we like them. Love your neighbor wasn’t just one of Jesus’ suggestions …

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