The Most Important Day of the Week

I heard a pastor preaching recently and listened while he entreated his church members to be more faithful and consistent in their Sunday worship attendance. I was right there with him, agreeing with his words, right up until he suggested:

For a Christian, Sunday is the most important day of the week.

I appreciated his sentiments, but Sunday is definitely not the most important day of the week for a Christian.

Not even close.

Don’t get me wrong, Sundays are important for a Christian on many levels.

  • Traditionally, it’s the Lord’s Day. It’s the day we historically celebrate the resurrection of our Lord.
  • It’s a day of rest. Although it’s not the Sabbath (never has been, never will be), it is a day Christian societies once upon a time set aside for worship, family, and re-creation.
  • It’s a day for worship. Sunday at 11 a.m. have long been called the High Holy Hour in the US as Christians make their way to worship in their local houses of worship. (Of course, churches today offer multiple services at multiple times and even on multiple days!)
  • It’s a day for Christian Education. Although Sunday school didn’t teach Christianity as its primary curriculum, this eventually changed. Today, Sunday Christian Ed includes Sunday school, kid’s worship, the sermon, small groups, and in some churches (including RCC), one-on-one mentoring.
  • It’s a day for re-engaging the gospel, fellowshipping with other Christians, and finding the inspiration and motivation to face another week.

With all that, it seems almost crazy to suggest that Sunday isn’t the most important day of the week. But I stand by my assertion. Sunday IS important, but the MOST important day of the week is …


Monday (or whatever day of the week you reengage with the marketplace) is the day when all those millions of Christian Church Members pour out of their homes and spill into their places of work.

Why is this so important?

Because the stated purpose of the church is to “Go into the world and make disciples.” Believe it or not, there’s not a single command in the New Testament to gather for worship. Yes, it’s implied and I’m certain it’s expected and definitely needed, but the primary command given to the church is for Christians to leave their worship centers, leave their homes, and take the good news of Jesus Christ into the world. For most of us, that means going forth into our workplaces.

Here’s why Monday is the most important day of the week for Christians:

  1. We meet more people who are far from God on Mondays than we do in church
  2. How we approach Monday sets the tone for the rest of the week
  3. We have a built in opportunity to share our faith commitment on Monday morning when our coworkers ask, “So, what did you do this weekend?” (You get 0 points for saying, “I went to church.” But bonus points for saying something like, “I heard a conversation on why it’s important to invest in our families” or some other comment about what the sermon was about. Xtra Xtra bonus points for sharing about yours or someone else’s transformational experience.)
  4. Because our work is our primary ministry to the world (whether you love or hate your job! – Colossians 3:23 “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for your employer.”)
  5. Because our work is our primary testimony of our Christianity. How we do our work and how we behave toward our customers, coworkers, employers, and employees is the strongest witness to our Christian faith – more than anything else.

BTW, if your work is that important, then you’ll want to be active at RCC because we’re committed to helping you make your work matter more. We believe you have the best opportunity to transform the world from you workplace, whether you’re a medical transcriptionist, a business owner, a mechanic, a coder, or a guest services associate at Walmart or McDonalds – and we want to help you make the most of your work. (Which is a good reason to join us on Sundays!)

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