Women of Power

Women of Power?

If you’re a Bible reader, it could get really confusing to figure out what the biblical role of a woman is. I’m sure you’ve heard it all:

Women should be silent in church.

Wives should submit to their husbands.

Women aren’t allowed to teach men.

Women can’t be church leaders. 

And if you’re a thorough Bible reader, you probably know that there are Bible verses that have been cited to justify every one of those assertions. 

Today’s women have come a long ways from even a hundred years ago when they couldn’t even vote in this country, but sometimes it seems like the US church is one of the last bastions of male-superior-dominance. 

So … what does the Bible say about women in general, and specifically, what does it say about women in the church? We hope you’ll join us this week for The Conversation and we’ll talk about it. 

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