Your Personal Board of Directors

According to the Six Degrees of Separation Principle, any two people in the world can be connected through just six people. You know someone who knows someone who knows the person you’re trying to connect with. Although it’s yet to be mathematically proven, there’s enough anecdotal evidence to suggest it’s an accurate theorem. If nothing else, the Six Degrees of Separation Principle serves as a reminder that Networking is critical. Need a job? Only 13 percent of them are advertised. The rest are only ferreted out by networking. Need to get ahead in life? It’s true that it really is more about who you know, not what you know. Those who do best in life generally are those who have an extended network of carefully cultivated friends and acquaintances. But who do you need in your network circles? That’s the question we’ll explore in the series Necessary Connections.

View this sermon series here.

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