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What’s RCC Doing?

I was at an event the other week and was asked if I would make a report to the group about what Raytown Christian Church has done over the past month to support the community of Raytown. I made a quick list and, to be honest, was happily shocked at what I saw. When I […]Read more »

The One Rule

Recently, I put together series of conversations on the Power of One. During that series, we talked briefly about the One Belief and the One Rule … and specifically that Jesus took the 613 Old Testament laws and collapsed them into one single rule: “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I […]Read more »

Three Questions Every Kid Needs Answered

Whether you believe infants are born with a blank slate that the environment shapes or whether you believe children come into the world with their personality and proclivities genetically preformed, there’s no argument that parents play the largest role in their personal formation. Children seem to come into this world with questions on their lips. […]Read more »

The Power of One

According to my Google Music Play, I have about 3500 “favorite” songs. On reflection, I can’t imagine I get to hear most of them with any sort of consistency, but they’re all up there in the cloud just waiting for me to tune in. But one of my “real” favorite songs is Three Dog Night’s […]Read more »
2018 Breakfast with the Bunny

Breakfast with the Bunny

Hop on over to Raytown Christian Church and get your photo taken with the Easter Bunny with breakfast for the family. Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.Read more »
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